Want to get a few extra days of deer hunting? Try a Muzzleloader Deer Hunting Rifle

10 September 2010 by , Comments Off on Want to get a few extra days of deer hunting? Try a Muzzleloader Deer Hunting Rifle

A muzzleloading deer hunting rifle is a great option no matter if your an experienced or a new deer hunter. If you’re a new deer hunter, it is an opportunity to get in to the sport at a lower price point. Quality muzzleloading deer hunting rifles can be found for a couple hundred dollars, or about a third less than their equivalent modern deer hunting rifles. They are also quite effective in taking deer as the video below shows:

Deer hunting with a muzzleloader also give you the advantage of up to nine days of extra hunting depending on your state. Whether it falls at the end or beginning of your state’s deer hunting season, that means two extra weekends of hunting for us working stiffs.

If you’re an experienced hunter, muzzleloading can bring an extra challenge to the hunt. Unlike modern guns, you only get one shot and you’ve got to make it count. This helps build patience and timing. If your target is right in front you but your shot isn’t good, then you have to be exceptionally patient for the right shot (and maybe a little disappointed if the shot isn’t good).

Muzzleloaders are more inconvenient if you’re in the field. You have to carry around extra equipment such as balls, powder, a ramrod, patches, cleaning rags, patch lube, solvent, ?n? a ball pulling worm. If you’re walking to your deer hunting location, this can be factor in how much weight you’re carrying. Some of these pieces of equipment can can also carry a scent that can spook nervous deer.

There are a wide varity of powders (pyrodex, stick, black powerder) and bullet types (sabot, shot, etc.) to choose from. Additionally, the muzzleloading calibers are much larger than non-muzzleloaders so some experimenting with the various combinations of powder/bullet type/caliber is needed on this type of hunting.

Muzzle loading hunting is typically done a about 100 yards. Most modern muzzleloading deer hunting rifles are almost as accurate at this range as non-muzzleloaders. However, this shorter range limits the type of hunting you can do to shorter ranges in woody and swampy areas.

A muzzleloading deer hunting rifle is a great and inexpensive addition to your list of deer hunting tools. Although it’s a little more difficult to use, it gives you more opportunities to hunt and get that big buck.

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